Online Classes

Over the coming weeks, while we're kept away from our performing arts classes, we want to continue to do what we do best and engage students in stimulating, accessible and engaging sessions for all ages. Through drama, dance and singing lessons, we strive to nurture, encourage and support students, providing them with "skills for life, not just the stage!"

RA students can now benefit from online classes via 'RA VIRTUAL LEARNING - ON ZOOM', giving access to LIVE video-learning from our normal RA teachers in the comfort of your own homes.

All classes are exclusive to RA students only and will require students to log in to their live class via the Zoom App.

To gain access, simply click on the links below! Links will remain the same for all classes during Term 5.

If you have any questions, require assistance or have any technical issues, please e-mail so we can get you up and running straight away.